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I love the accordion and all those that BUILD and PLAY this beautiful instrument.  My hat is off to ALL OF YOU!!!


In my variety of blogs I try to unlock many of the secrets surrounding the instrument itself.  For those of you that know me, I speak and write straight from the heart.  And I'm not afraid to share my experiences with anybody.  I believe that we are seeing a big Revolution & Evolution happening for ALL makers of instruments.  Thanks to the internet, the days of the naive customer and the hustler behind the counter is coming to an abrupt end. Yessssss!!!


For too long the accordion "business" has been a money making mystery. I've been buying all kinds of instruments for myself for over 35 years.  And I believe that musicians expect the instrument business to provide them with the best quality for the money.  The biggest problem that I have with the business as a whole is the PRICING of New and Used instruments.  YES, the manufacturer has to make enough to keep the factory doors open and profitable.  YES, the store that makes the instrument available to you must make a profit in order to stay in business.  YES, the guy that fixed up the old instrument for you has to make something, all of these things are perfectly normal in business.  And I firmly believe in helping out your local accordion store instead of calling around like a fool.  Take good care of your local accordion person as they've made many sacrifices to stay alive in this business.  Remember that your local accordion guy is the LAST person to be making money, if any.


The biggest problem in the accordion industry is the pricing.  As an example, you could have ten brand name accordions on a shelf, each one carries a $10,000 price tag.  But, the amount of man hours and materials and money needed to build each accordion varies.  Some of the accordions may have been built for $4,000, others from $5,000 to $6,000, and yet another costed $8,000 to build.  Yet, they ALL carry a $10,000 price tag for a claimed "quality" that varies significantly.  It's like wanting to sell a common model Ford for the SAME price as a Ferrari.  Both are good cars from reputable companies but the PRICES naturally differ based on the ultimate QUALITY of the product.  This is not the case in the accordion world...yet.


I get deeper into these things in my blogs which are basically my own opinion so don't get too worked up over them.  Whether you agree or disagree with the things that I've written, take whatever information is useful to you.  I firmly believe that putting the customer's interests FIRST means to give them the best prices and service possible.  The mysteries surrounding the accordion business are quickly disappearing and we've seen many of the famous accordion companies vanish along with them.  Thus, the only way to stay alive in our savvy economy is to offer realistic and fair pricing on EVERYTHING (not just accordions).


The internet is opening up the world to people, so don't be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS before you purchase anything.  Don't be afraid to pick up the PHONE and talk to people too.  I'm amazed at how many people are reluctant to make a simple phone call today, it's unbelievable.  They'd rather spend 20 hours on e-mails instead of 10 minutes on the phone.  If you are unable to pick up the phone to get the answers you need, you should really think twice about investing in an expensive accordion.


Maestro is now leading the accordion industry in quality and innovation.  And I'm sure that the format of this website will for sure be researched, copied, and scrutinized by some.  But hopefully, the focus in the industry will be on the true QUALITY and VALUE of the products that people claim to be building.  Let's give the player what they deserve, the BEST quality that we can build for the money.  I believe that the days of building cheap accordions and selling them for big money are soon to be over.  Those that price their instruments fairly should be able to stay in business for the long haul.  Those that do not will end up like the rest of them, a distant memory in the archives of the accordion museum.


Anyway, remember that these blogs are merely an opinion and are not meant to be taken too, too seriously. Consider this entire website as a constant work in progress and we'll continue to keep it as up to date as possible.  Even the same articles will be updated as we add or delete items from them.  As stated, my personal desire is to share as much as possible with the accordion community and I am wide open to learning and sharing everything that I can with you.  So, pick and choose what information is good for you.  And maybe you'll have a good laugh here and there too!!!  : )


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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