After working for many years in the Piano Accordion market, we at Maestro are focused on producing only the TWO models of the future.  Both are COMPACT Double Tone Chamber instruments with Handmade Reeds by Artigiana or Binci.  Both models come in Black with Pearl Keys & Buttons, Red Bellows, and the professional mic system by Musictech in Italy.  Building a big monster full sized accordion is a thing of the PAST.


Maestro 41/120 DC Compact (pictured)

18 1/8" Keyboard, 4/5 LMMH, 11/7 Registers, 22 1/2 lbs

Retail Price $12,000, Call for STREET PRICING


Maestro 37/96 DC Compact

16 5/8" Keyboard, 4/5 LMMM (Full Musette), 11/5 Registers, 21 lbs

Retail Price $11,000, Call for STREET PRICING



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